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veed analytics started in 2014 and fully spinned-off from Mücke Sturm & Company in 2018 and is one of the leading content and product intelligence service for the video industry. Our team consists of experienced media analysts dedicated to producing great video services.

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Amazon – The Video All-Star

  You might have read some news around Amazon and the video business in the last weeks: Prime Video on Deutsche Telekom’s Entertain,  extension of FireTV with a HDD, just …

Disney acquires 21st Century Fox

The M&A activities in the TMT market are heating up. Disney and Fox, the re-started talks between Vodafone and Liberty Global or the fight around MTG, just to mention some. …

Launch of 1&1 Digital-TV

Our latest snapshot covers the recent (Re-) Launch of 1&1 Digital TV. This is pretty interesting out of various reasons, just to mention three: – Entertainment in particular TV remains …