New Streaming devices for Germany!

The industry is pretty focused on the Streaming Wars, we took a slightly different perspective: Hardware.
Although everything becomes more and more digital, every user still needs devices to access the video content. We took a closer look at 3 recent launches/announcement of streaming devices in Germany coming from 3 different companies with different backgrounds:
  • Sky Glass: Sky – part of Comcast – the global telco and media juggernaut racing to build a global ecosystem, announced a Smart TV with no need for a dish
  • Roku streaming sticks: Roku – Wall Street’s darling, Netflix spin-off and streaming device/OS leader in the US, yet trying to replicate the success across the pond just entered the German retail market with its sticks
  • 4K Stick: – German vMVPD challenger and part of telco/mobile operator Freenet – now tapping into the streaming hardware business with a recently launched Android TV stick

To find it out all about these three new device, check our latest veed beat here.

Happy reading and happy to discuss the impact of Amazon for the video industry!

The veed analytics team