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Netflix Original Strategies vary across Europe

After 3 years in Europe, Netflix is currently present in 13 countries and announced another three markets to be entered by end of 2015. Netflix puts strong emphasis on their originals. Therefore, veed analytics took a closer look at the most relevant Netflix Originals and identified different strategies across markets in Europe. There is no link between launch date in the market and exclusivity of Netflix Originals. E.g. Netflix ensures full exclusivity of their Originals in the Netherlands or the Nordics, while exclusivity is only given for 61% of their most relevant originals in the UK and 72% in Germany.

Netflix improved its portfolio one year after the launch in Germany

veed analytics runs its quarterly content analysis across the relevant VoD services in Europe. “Based on our research”, says Bernd Riefler, CMO at veed analytics, “we have seen that Netflix kept their promise and constantly improved the quality of their content portfolio”. When looking closer at their movie offerings, which certainly are highly relevant beside the series, Netflix ranks second in Germany.

Outlook: Growing further and/or facing tough challenges 

The financial strength enables Netflix to enter even challenging markets. Netflix Originals might have a strong impact when it comes to customer acquisition and retention. However, competitors will leverage their more diversified business models and intensify competition, especially around content quality.

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