New Kids on the Block – Sky targeting the Kids Market in Germany

Kids are one of the most internet savvy age groups that are used to handling connected devices such as smartphones or tablets, making them more independent from their parents in terms of media consumption. So far linear TV remains still relevant even for younger age groups. Kids and their parents have a broad access to specific kids channels even bundled in dedicated kids packages

veed analytics - evolution of video services for kids

Beside the “classic” linear offerings, various existing players with different backgrounds extended their offerings into dedicated kids on-demand services. The availability of kids content especially on-demand on other devices than TV will remain critical to compete early enough with changing consumption patterns and with other mobile substitutes such as mobile games (e.g., Pokemon go).

Sky is leveraging existing content and makes it even more attractive especially for families. The bundled strategy increases stickiness of the existing packaging structure and helps to generate valuable additional data about its customers consumption patterns.

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