veed is alive!


Today we proudly introduce veed, the specialist source for both data and insights into the likes of Netflix, NowTV, Horizon and Sky. Get to know all of the relevant TV and OTT services, understand why customers love them, and why they are successful!

OTT services such as Netflix in the US, NowTV in the UK, and Magine in Germany are increasingly becoming as much of a partner as a competitor for incumbent TV operators. Both groups are offering increasingly comparable content and features, and both are aiming at the same customer budget, thus significantly expanding the set of relevant competitors.That’s where veed enters the game: The NewTV experts from Muecke Sturm & Company have analyzed these trends in various benchmarking projects, and decided to bundle their extensive expertise in one product. “It was just a logical step to productize our benchmarking experience and our insights from testing innovative services in our NewTV Experience Center” says Bernd, co-founder of veed-analytics.

With its combination of intelligence and database services, veed follows a straightforward two-way approach. The intelligence services are periodical, customized management level reports which will give you a quick overview on the current state of your market. The database services are the foundation for these intelligence reports, but also enable you to analyze other services on a product level, and create, develop, and optimize your own service.

One of the top priorities for veed is the currency of data and insights. “One-time analyses of the market are very useful in many projects, but we learned from our benchmarking customers that their currency is the critical pain point. Therefore, we established an efficient analyst operation that allows us to continuously keep track of the most current market developments” says Thies, co-founder of veed-analytics.

The veed analytics team will work hard to further enhance the service and bring the road-map ideas to live. Stay tuned for updates!

The veed analytics team